Doll House Views

As technology continues to grow and change, it only makes sense to advance the home searching experience along with it. 3D home tours are growing in popularity and offer a unique home search experience.

3D walkthrough of the home is a tool that makes it very easy for you to decide which homes work for you and which ones don’t. Although there is no replacement for an open house, this is the next best thing and offers a great way to view the details of the home before ever stepping inside.

You can also see the structural views of the home by viewing the home in dollhouse mode by a simple click of a button or tap of a finger. This allows a new way to see the full structure of the home really quickly.

The dollhouse view is exactly how it sounds; it shows you the entire home as if it were a dollhouse on your living room floor, offering a look into the full structure.

If you decide to see the hallway of the home, you can simply click or tap on that part of the home from the dollhouse view and it will take you directly into the part of the home. From there, you’ll get a guided 3D tour of the house with circles on the floor guiding you through each room.

Want to head into the dining room? Just click or tap on the circle in that room or the area you’d like to see and you’ll immediately jump to it. Feel free to use your keyboard controls on your computer to walk around the home!

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